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Beep! Beep! Retro Vespa Senior Photos

This senior session is everything I ever dreamed of and more! It was retro. There was a Vespa. Tori was an amazing model. It was an absolute dream!

Retro Vespa Senior Photo

How lucky am I to have had a senior session this close to what I love? I am Italian-American. I love vintage and retro things. I am an old soul at heart. When I received the call asking if Tori could bring her Vespa to the shoot, I nearly fainted. I was so excited!

Tori is a senior from Canfield High School with a bright future ahead of her! She lives an adventurous life, traveling around on her Vespa. She is incredibly intelligent and is on the road to attend a prestigious university. I have no doubts she is going to be doing remarkable things in the future.

We were lucky to have an unusually warm and sunny day for October, but that meant Mill Creek Park was going to be busy. We managed to work our way around hikers, kayakers, and other photographers with clients all seeking to get one last nice day in the park before the winter.

We had such a nice time, and I wish that Tori could model photoshoots for me forever!

Tip: Bring an accessory like a hat to your session to add more variation to your gallery! It's easier than an outfit change, but still gives you an additional look!

Do you have a unique prop for your senior photos? I'd love to hear what you'd include!

If you are looking for more senior sessions like this one, follow along for my future blogs!

Blog updates are announced on my Instagram @rachelschneiderstudios

Thanks for reading!

Rachel Schneider is a portrait photographer in Youngstown, Ohio

with experience in Senior, Family, Brand, and Editorial Photography.

Photos that tell a story and promote your success.


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