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My Dream Photoshoot of 2022

A retro photoshoot at Geneva-on-the-Lake still has me thinking I am living in a 70's summer dream.

When I was younger, my family used to take Sunday drives after church. We would pack lunch and head out never fully knowing where we would end up. Listening to music with the windows down. Driving past the corn fields swaying in the summer heat.

One of our annual summer destinations was Geneva-on-the-Lake in Ohio. I loved visiting GOTL for the retro diners and arcades on the strip. I loved the smell of hot dogs and the sound of pinball machines. My favorite snack .... sweet, soft-serve ice cream with sprinkles, of course. Now, this little town is my summer nostalgia. Some may think this little town is a little rinky-dinky, but I think it is quite magical.

When I was a senior in high school, I dreamt of having my senior photos here, but I ended up getting studio photos in the winter because of my procrastination to get photos.

Since I missed out before, I made sure this was one of my bucket list photoshoot locations. So, I asked Michele and her best friend, Megan, to model a photoshoot for me. They both knew the assignment and came prepared with perfect, orange bell bottoms to match the aesthetic of this adorable town.

We had such a blast stopping at the most colorful and iconic spots for this photoshoot. We started by Eddie's Grill, made our way to the arcade, and ended by the Ferris Wheel. I could picture this being a perfect location for seniors, couples, or friends (like our model besties below).

This location is honestly perfect for fun, old-timey photos. It's happy and bright. It has character. I'm very happy to share these photos and offer this cute little town as one of my recommended locations.

Now for an important question... What snack would you choose at GOTL?

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Thanks for reading!

Rachel Schneider is a portrait photographer in Youngstown, Ohio

with experience in Senior, Family, Brand, and Editorial Photography.

Photos that tell a story and promote your success.


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