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6 Ways to Prepare for Your Senior Photo Session

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Senior Photo Tips | Rachel Schneider Studios | Boardman, Ohio

Okay. So your Instagram aesthetic is super in sync, and you are doing everything that you can to make sure you look '5K Likes' worthy. You have it all under control! But, now it is time to have your photos taken professionally by someone else. Eek! You begin to think, "Will my photographer do a good job? Will they catch my good side? Will they make me feel super awkward?" As a photographer, I want your senior photos to be more snatched than your 'gram photos! So, here are six ways to prepare for your senior photo session that basically guarantee success.

1. Answer the Questionnaire: Help your photographer get to know you before the session. Photographers are friendly and typically outgoing when it comes to our jobs. Most photographers will have a questionnaire for you to fill out before your session to get to know you. I want to get to know your hobbies, your favorite places, where you want to go to college, your favorite song, if you love Stranger Things, or any other information that may help me understand what I can do to best represent you in your senior photos. There is no better way to be than to be yourself. I want to capture the best of you.

2. Iron/Steam Your Clothes: There is nothing worse in a photo than looking like you just rolled out of bed. Wrinkles are not easily photoshopped and create a lot of excessive work. Professional senior photos are worth putting the extra time into, so make sure you look professional as well.

(Extra tip: Always pack an additional outfit in case you spill coffee on your pants or step in some mud.)

3. Clean Up/Glow Up: As you prepare for your senior photos, I want you to prepare as if you were getting ready for prom. Comb down those flyaway hairs, put on some light makeup, trim up that beard, and please, Brush. Those. Teeth. Looking your best will help you feel your best.

4. Pack Your Props: Props are always fun to add to senior photos. Props also can help you feel more comfortable when you start to think, "What do I do with my hands?" Whether it be a cap and gown, a musical instrument, some flowers, or a baseball, make sure you bring it with you. Props help to tell a story, and the story we are telling is all about you! So, bring something that will help tell everyone what you've been up to for the past 17 or 18 years.

5. Do Something That Brings You Joy: Before you arrive at your senior photo session, jam out in the car to your favorite album, grab a Starbucks, or call a friend and share some laughter. I want you to be just as hyped for your senior session as I am. Good Feels = Good Photos.

6. Be You: This one is so cliche, but really. Be Yourself. Comparing yourself to others or trying to replicate someone else is not going to enhance your photos. Love you. Love your body. Love your smile. Love your personality. It is literally the only thing another person can't steal from you and it is truly my favorite thing about you.

Feeling a little more prepared for your senior photos? You should! You are going to look amazing. No doubt. I'm feeling like your 'gram followers are going to love them. If you are ready to book a senior session with me, click here to request a session!

If you are looking for more tips, follow along for my future blogs!

Blog updates are announced on my Instagram @rachelschneiderstudios

Thanks for reading!

Rachel Schneider is a portrait photographer in Youngstown, Ohio

with a focus on Senior, Family, and Brand Photography.

Photos that tell a story and promote your success.


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