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Fourth of July Photos by the Lake

Need some cute and classic Fourth of July photo inspiration? Check out this cute 50's inspired photoshoot by Lake Milton in Northeast Ohio.

Stars, stripes, or polka dots make for a classic patterned look for your outfit. They're cute, flirty, and fun!

Accessorize with a head or neck scarf and some cat-eye sunglasses. I purchased these on Amazon.

A Cola bottle is such a simple and cost-efficient prop to use for the moments when you're taking your photos and say, "What do I do with my hands?" Don't forget a bottle opener and a straw to adorn the bottle!

We used a book and a hat for decoration. Think of other items you might bring to the lake or beach. Coolers, towels, umbrellas, or a portable radio (if you still own one).

Pose with confidence. Cross one leg over in a standing position and lift a hip to create a nice, long line with your leg while showing off a curve!

This pose not only matches the style of the fifties but also makes you look AMAZING.

Wishing you a safe and Happy Fourth of July!

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Thanks for reading!

Rachel Schneider is a portrait photographer in Youngstown, Ohio

with experience in Senior, Family, Brand, and Editorial Photography.

Photos that tell a story and promote your success.


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