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Spring Blossom Photos in Boardman Park

Updated: May 3, 2022

Spring blossom photoshoots in Northeast, Ohio are a new must! This Spring Blossom photoshoot is taken at Boardman Park located in Boardman, Ohio.

After all of the snow and rain, I have been craving some warm weather. Luckily over Easter weekend, we were gifted some beautiful sunshine and warmth. So, I packed up my camera, and out I went.

I had been planning a photoshoot from my bucket list featuring some of the spring blossoms. I wanted the photos to give the vibe of a modern fairytale. Muted pinks and lavenders, spring florals, and a lot of green. Unlike most photographers, I absolutely adore greens in my photos.

My cousin was sweet enough to model this shoot for me, and let me tell you, she did AMAZING. Pretty much captured my idea for the photoshoot. If accounting doesn't work out for her, she should definitely model.

We started by immersing ourselves in what I believe to be a star magnolia tree with white flowers that had a hint of pink. We were shooting around golden hour which warmed up the cool tones I was getting from the shadows in the park. Shooting in this location was soooooo dreamy.

Next, we moved to this tree that looks like a huge bush with enough room for us to be completely under all the branches. I think some of my favorite photos came from this spot. I used my nifty fifty, and still can't get over the creamy bokeh!

Her next look was a little bolder and business-like. I had her think like Alice in Wonderland meets boss babe. I loved the openness of this location paired with the bold pinks of the Eastern Redbud Tree. Delicate and bold at the same time.

To end our shoot, we walked over to the daffodils because they looked too cute paired with her dress. I basically freaked out because I loved the look of these photos from my dreamy and creamy 85mm.

Such a fun photoshoot and so glad I get to check it off of my bucket list. What shoot should I try next?


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